About STC-Southern Africa


STC-SA performs and executes the services of all the STC sister companies in the Southern African region. We serve as a conduit for Africa’s access to the rich source of maritime/transport expertise and products of the rest of the world.

STC-SA enables access to the cutting-edge technology and methodologies for skills development in the Southern African maritime/transport sector as well as access to decades of experience in consulting in the Shipping, Ports, and Transport and Logistics sectors.

Our establishment follows years of project implementation by STC-International in the Sub-Sahara region. STC-International has executed several technical assistance projects for maritime academies worldwide, i.e. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Indonesia and is currently executing such projects in the Philippines, India, Indonesia and South Africa.


To provide high quality and global standard consulting and training services towards and economically competitive transport economy in Sub-Saharan Africa.


To be Sub-Saharan Africa’s one-stop-shop training and consulting company in the transport and related sectors.


Our STC-SA team is made up of people who epitomize our values and visions, more than half of whom have been members of the team for a very long time.

Patrick Michael Wells
Managing Director, STC -SA
072 970 7970

The maritime career of Patrick Wells, commenced in 1984 with the South African navy which he continued to serve for 14 years as a Combat Officer specializing in Anti Surface, Air and Anti Submarine warfare. He resigned from the Navy as a Commander and joined the South African Port Services holding positions such as Tug Master, Marine Pilot, Fleet operations manager and assistant harbour Master. He was also responsible for training all the South African Marine Pilots for a period of 3 years, before taking up a position 4 years ago with the STC Group as the Deputy Dean of Academic Affairs at the International Maritime College in Oman. Patrick returned to South Africa in July 2017 to take up the position of General Director at STC-South Africa.

Patrick Kleinbooi
General Manager STC-SA Cape Town Branch
082 870 1708

After 17 years tenure in the South African Navy, Mr Patrick Kleinbooi was appointed as a Captain in the South African Police Service, as Operational Commander, Sea Borderline Control, Division Operational Response Services. An ex-Naval Chief Petty Officer who served in various posts onboard Combat Vessels; he retired his sea-legs to share his experience and knowledge with the students in the TVET Sector Maritime Studies. Running the STC-SA Maritime Training Centre, Mr Kleinbooi enjoys seeing young people excelling in all aspects of their life. An adjustment from the “Navy” way of doing things, Mr Kleinbooi lives by a quote “Education should not be the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” — William Butler Yeats

Chantal Pharo
HR & Support Services Manager

082 378 0656

Chantal joined STC-SA in 2017, with more than 18 years collective HR and administrative experience. Chantal has had the opportunity to work across all the functions in HR and with managers in senior positions within various organisations. This exposure has allowed her to build community relations, learn to assess and successfully fulfil staffing needs, while understanding how best to develop and retain staff.

STC-Southern Africa offers maritime training solutions and services, which encompass all aspects of Human Resource Development, Consultancy, Technical Assistance and Research.

We are sure to have a solution for your needs. STC-SA’s understanding of the unique needs of the African continent, positions itself well to provide an Africanised approach, whilst still maintaining the highest quality standards..