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Port Resilience Management in Crisis Situations

A coöperation between STC International and Fundación Valenciaport

 The Fundación Valenciaport and STC International, both knowledge, innovation and training centers located respectively in two port clusters of international stature, such as Valencia and Rotterdam, have reached a collaboration agreement to join forces regarding current and innovative Technical Assistance.

The objectives of this technical assistance are aimed at promoting port resilience against
pandemics. The work is structured in the following three phases with a total duration of 19 weeks:

  1. Diagnosis and analysis of the risk situation vs. port operations
  2. Definition of action and contingency plans
  3. Proposal and implementation of ‘best practices’

Download the brochure for more information about the objectives and a detailed description of the three phases.

The Practice of Dry Docking Ships – Dockmaster Course

K.P. Mackie Pr Eng., MSc(Eng)

A Training Course for Dockmasters and Others Concerned with the Dry Docking of Ships, presented by Keith Mackie

The presenter,  Keith Mackie has spent most of his working life in the field of coastal and harbour engineering. Within this field he has specialised in dry-docking in all its manifestation, civil, mechanical and operational. He has built, maintained, supervised, occasionally operated and made investigations for many dry-docking facilities. He obtained his master’s degree in engineering for his theory of dry-docking and was awarded the South African Institution of Civil Engineers Basil Read Gold Medal for Construction for his work in this field.

This training course has been developed entirely by Keith. It is one of the oldest dry-docking courses currently available internationally and is of comparable standard to the best. 

TMI Simulation Solution

Maritime Webinar Series Unlocking Digitalisation’s Full Potential Webinar #1: Promoting Seafarers Welfare: Challenges faced by seafarers and impacts of COVID on ports. Webinar hosted by TMI Simulation Solutions with contributions from Patrick Wells, STC SA Managing Director, Patrick Kleinbooi, STC SA General Manager Cape Town Branch, and Theresa Williams, CPUT Head of Department Maritime Studies and Survival Centre. Be sure to register at to view our upcoming webinars.

STC-Southern Africa offers maritime training solutions and services, which encompass all aspects of Human Resource Development, Consultancy, Technical Assistance and Research.

We are sure to have a solution for your needs. STC-SA’s understanding of the unique needs of the African continent, positions itself well to provide an Africanised approach, whilst still maintaining the highest quality standards..