Advanced Fire Fighting Refrsher (AFF Refresher)

Available at Cape Town and Durban Campus


Description (Click here to download course leaflet)


The training in Advanced Fire Fighting Refresher is for all officers on Seagoing Vessels and some Port Operations vessels, and who are designated to control firefighting operations on board the vessel. The objectives and outcomes of the training;

  • Control fire-fighting operations on board the ship;
  • Organise and train fire parties;
  • Inspect, as well as possibly service some fire detection and fire extinguishing systems and equipment;
  • Investigate and compile reports on incidents involving fires.
  • This training includes components of Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting, STA-06-102 in order to align the two courses for officers who are required to comply with both requirements.


Please refer to basic requirements and please submit the following:

  • Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting certificate
  • Must be medically fit

Accreditation & Approval


Course Dates/Price

Course offered at: STC-SA


Course lasts for: 2 days
Course Price: R2,020.00


Note about registration:
Please email all booking inquiries to or call on 021 418 5062


Class times are: 07h30-15h30


Note about class dates:
2021 Dates
13-14 & 27-28 April 2021
11-12 & 25-26  May 2021
08-09 & 22-25 June 2021
12-16 & 27-08 July 2021
10-11 & 24-25 August 2021
14-15 & 28-29 September 2021
12-13 & 26-27 October 2021
09-10 & 23-24 November 2021
07-08 December 2021
Please bring your ID and a black pen with.

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