Maritime Training

STC-SA, leaders in Maritime Training studies, Transport Logistics and Training Simulators for the entire Transport Logistics supply chain in Southern Africa, is now expanding steadily northwards.

Since 2001, STC-SA has steadily entrenched itself as a leading local supplier to the region. Key techniques of structured transfer of knowledge and skills through knowledge migration from Europe to Africa has strengthened local capacity and ensures access to the most cutting-edge technology and training facilities to further enhance its services.


Affiliated to STC-International in the Netherlands, STC-SA is able to offer a multi-faceted service, ranging from education and training to consultancy services, research and technical assistance.

Maritime Training

Offering tailor-made maritime training solutions and services, which encompass all aspects of Human Resource Development, Consultancy, Technical Assistance and Research, STC-SA is sure to have a solution for your needs. STC-SA’s understanding of the unique needs of the African continent, positions itself well to provide an Africanised approach, whilst still maintaining the highest quality standards.

Focusing on various activities in the transport and logistics chain, STC-SA’s range of services can be compartmentalized as:

  • Simulator supply and training
  • Training in Maritime, Transport & Logistics
  • Consulting and Project-based Activities



Accreditations and Affiliations


Simulator Supply and Training

STC-International has developed Simulators for the Shipping, Port Operations, Transport and Logistics sectors e.g.

  • Transport Chain & , Crisis Center
  • Dredging
  • Rolling Equipment
  • Full Mission Bridge
  • Radar Navigation
  • Machine Room, Vessel Traffic Systems etc

These enable STC-SA to provide training which is cutting-edge, relevant, practical and applicable.

Training includes our popular

  • Marine Pilot Training
  • Tug Master Training
  • ISPS Training
  • Rolling Equipment Training
  • STCW (Standards Training & Certification for Watchkeepers)
  • SAMSA’s legislated-related training
  • SAQA’s Unit standard-based training
  • Advanced Post Graduate Studies etc

Consulting includes

  • Port Database Development for all the Ports of South Africa and Mozambique
  • Port Feasibility Studies
  • Design and Layout of Ports
  • HRD Strategy & Planning for several Parastatals
  • Benchmarking Studies
  • Technical Research, Market Surveys and
  • Process Re-engineering Design